Turn Every Head In The Party

Are you afraid that you might be the ‘Joker Of The Party’ without even dressing up as one? We are here to make sure that you don’t be the laugh of the party but the one who leaves the party laughing.

Here are some tips and costumes that will make sure that your Halloween is about costumes, photographs, candies and a lot of memories.

Halloween Costume For Men

It is not that easy to find a costume that will look good on men, as most of the costumes and cosplays need makeup which does not particularly look good on men.  That is why here are some ideas that will help you to dress up and be the life of a costume party without running the risk of ruining the look because of the makeup.

Forrest Gump:

Forrest Gump has been a loved movie for a long time. The costume to the lead character, Tom Hanks is an easy one. It does not need makeup and the clothes are easy to find. All you need is a Chinos, Blue Checked Shirt, White Trainers, and a Red baseball cap.

You will find these items in every wardrobe, which makes it an easy, subtle costume to go to at the last minute.


Although the character has received a bit of hate after the infinity war, the character is easy to dress up and it will surely turn a few heads and strike up interesting conversations at a party. You need a Grey T-Shirt, Red Leather Jacket, Black Jeans. If you have an old Walkman lying around, attach it to your belt to get a more accurate look.


What better way to enter a party than being Lieutenant Maverick from Top Gun? Not only is it one of the coolest characters in the 80s and 90s. All you need is Grey Crew-Neck T-Shirt, Leather Bomber Jacket, Sew On Patches, Dad Jeans and Aviator Sunglasses. That is everything you need to be one of the most classic characters o TV.


Who doesn’t want to be the guy that goes around the world searching for adventures? The adventure of Tintin was a classic animated movie full of adventures and the character that had an impact on many young minds. All you need to make this look happen – A autumn trench coat, White Shirt, Blue Crew Neck Sweater and a brown chino. You may even leave with a treasure of candies if you do it right.

Teddy Flood:

If you are looking for a costume that has been in trend recently, Teddy Flood is an amazing option. The character is a cowboy so the costume will help you get action one way or another. Neck Kerchief, Grey Wool Blazer, Double Denim Jeans, and a Denim Shirt. A belt with a large buckle is a good touch-up to the look.

These ideas will make sure that you turn a few heads and the only stress you have to take is to keep up with the interesting conversations.

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