Not Good At Dressing Up? Don’t Worry.

Halloween is a big deal for everyone whether you accept it or not. Everyone makes their best effort to look their worst or best on Halloween. So naturally, a lot is riding on the costume. How do you decide what to wear? The ideal costume needs to create a statement, make heads turn your way and leave a lasting impression.  

If you are someone who would like to have their costume made, then you need to start working on it early. Because even if you just want something simple, and less time consuming, when you sit down at the art table with a needle in your hand, it will be a completely different story altogether. Some costumes are more complex and require a lot more time and effort so people start working on their costumes early itself. This might sound silly but it’s better to be safe than sorry. As Halloween draws closer, all the good costumes will get rented away and you will be left with some really terrible options.  

Whether you are looking for a costume a month or two away or at the last minute, the costume is an important part of Halloween celebration. Now not every costume will come with a costly bill or demand so much of you. There are some costumes that look amazing and are easy to pull off as well. Here are some ideas for you:  

James Bond: 

The ever-classy and suave British spy is an all-time hit. Another good thing is, it is really easy to dress like him. First, you will need a tuxedo. If you do not have one then you can just rent one or borrow one from your friends or family. Secondly, you will have to put in a bit of effort and groom yourself properly so that you look like him. 


This jungle king is by the easiest of the lot. You will need an animal printed scarf or briefs with animal prints. You can carry a stuffed animal toy along with you if you want. 


Everyone is obsessed with emojis. You can either recreate your favorite emoji or you can print your favorite emoji and wear it.  


The Egyptian mummy is easy to dress as. All you need are multiple rolls of toilet paper. For an added effect, it will be fun to walk slowly and say unintelligible things.  

Sherlock Holmes:  

You can never go wrong with him and he is worth it as well. It is very easy to dress like this classic British detective. All you need is that iconic hat that will scream “Sherlock!” for you. If you pair that hat with clothes from the early 1900s, you’re good to go.  

Indiana Jones:  

This cool archaeologist made hunting for treasure in caves and abandoned places fun and thrilling. If you were to dress like him, you would need a hat, a whip, and a khaki-colored shirt.  


Dressing up as a zombie is the most fun and there is no fuss involved too. You will need a pair of old clothes and red paint. For better effect, you should make your clothes dirty. The dirtier the clothes, the better. Remember to walk slow and demand brains!  

Whomever you decide to go as, remember to have fun. Deciding your costume can be a tough thing.  


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