Tickle Their Funny Bone This Halloween!

Hey Guys! Halloween’s coming up. I’m pretty sure that there are no pumpkins carved or the decorations set up yet. Oh yes! Even the costume hasn’t been decided. Well, now’s the time to get it all right. This Halloween you can try to be unique and stand out from the crowd so that you’re the eye-candy this time. 

Funny costumes are often chosen by the things we find funny or we used to find funny. Jokes never get old. Therefore, you could come up dressed up as a variety of things that only a few could ever imagine! Well, if you’re really looking to rock the fun theme this time of the year, we’ve researched a lot and come up with some really amazing ideas that you’ll find pretty hilarious! The funny costume ideas for men are listed below:

The Very Formal Apology

If you’re stuck over choosing from a bunch of different costumes, you won’t have to fret anymore. You could just directly show up as a formal apology (for not finding a costume this Halloween). You could dress up in random clothing with a sash around your clothing that says apology. It could be a funny costume to go around making people wonder why!

The 50 Shades Of Grey

Ring any bells? This movie grossed-up millions at the box offices worldwide. The movie received a great amount of love from fanbases around the world and it became quite a hit. Coming to your costume, you could just show up at a party dressed up as the actual 50 shades of grey. Not the doctor, the different shades of color! People are surely going to love this one!

The Beer Costume

You could dress up as America’s favorite thing! No matter the festival, we don’t need any reason to celebrate. A pint of beer is universally needed to satisfy the feeling of happiness a man gets after seeing one. Just a quick note if you’ll be picking this one. Make sure you’re cool enough before putting this on as everyone like their beer chilled!!

Jack in the Box

Ever wondered what could come out of a Jack in the Box? Most of these scary movies have given us quite the chills over the years. You could dress up as this mystery box and you can choose what you wish to be inside that box. Let your imagination run wild! 

Cereal Killers

Sounds like a very weird term, right? It actually is. You could dress up as a serial killer with all the scary things but only for people to find frosted flakes and fruit loops all over your costume. It will surely be a very punny costume to wear to a party! 

Well, we hoped you liked our article on Funny costume ideas for men. These costumes are very hilarious and have received great feedback and have topped our local polls. We hope you try them. Happy Halloween!



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