Got A Group Of 4? Here Are A Few Costumes For Your Group.

Halloween is a great time to bond with people, go out and party with friends. It also has now slowly become a place where you can set a style statement. If you’re wearing something out of the blue and pull it off really well, you will get noticed in the blink of an eye.  

The same goes with group costumes. Halloween is a great place to show the strength of your group and how coordinated you are. Wearing costumes at go well along with each other could make your group stand out and make the rest looking for attention. And Halloween is one night where you’d want to stand out.  

Here, we are going to concentrate on the kind of costumes a group of 4 people can pull off. 

Some Of The Ideas That You Could Use Are: 

Men in Black –

A group wearing four black suits and black glasses cannot go unnoticed. The “men in black” theme is a great idea because one, you can never go wrong with a black suit and second, it looks amazingly classy as well. 


How many of us have grown up watching Pokémon? A lot, right? So how about a theme where two people can play Team Rocket and two can be Ash and Pikachu. We’re sure that this will garner your interests. And then you could probably have a face-off where you can pull off some antics. This could really make you the center of attraction at the party. 

Power Rangers –

Always dreamt of becoming a ranger and using all those powers? Well, make it come true now. Choose your color (Red, Blue, Green or Yellow) and make a statement at any party.  

Avengers –

They’re the coolest superheroes and we all want to be in their place and use those crazy powers and perform those stunts. An avenger theme is a great idea and everyone will also relate to you cause they’re just so popular. The costumes are pretty easily available and when in a group, it’ll just be out of the world. 

Harry Potter –

Alright, you Potterheads, this one might interest you. Dressing up as Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid is a great idea too. It will go along the best with the basic accessories like the Potter glasses and their wands. And Hagrid’s beard, of course. It’s also very easy to dress up like that and the wands are easily available in the market and you can make them at home too. 

Mean Girls –

Here’s your chance to unleash your inner mean side at a party. Dress up as the Mean Girls and rock the party with that mean attitude towards others. It not only looks attractive but also compliments along great as a group. 

Minions –

They’re just so cute and lovable. No one can ignore the minions from Despicable Me. The costume is also very easy as it is just a combination of yellow and denim. Perform some mischievous antics in the squeaky minion voice and be the stars of the party.

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Group Costume Ideas For 4
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