Halloween is an annual American holiday that is celebrated on the 31st of October. This festival goes back to European traditions. It basically started back in the Gaelic festival in Samhain. It was a day that was marked for the celebration of the harvest season. However, now the whole Halloween concept has changed and evolved to a whole new level. The big fancy parties, amazing costumes, and drinking have now become a common trend. 

Speaking of costumes, it is a very tough task to choose one, isn’t it? And when you’re a couple, it’s always going to be difficult to pick out a costume that goes well for both of you. 

So, Here We Are Going To Share Some Ideas That You Could Use And Rock Any Party.

Harry Potter And The Golden Snitch

Yes, you Potterheads, this one’s for you. Remember that moment where Harry caught his first golden snitch? We do too. And it is a great idea for a Halloween party. Those potter glasses could really make a statement and the whole concept goes along amazingly well too. 

Popeye and Olive –

Remember Popeye? Yes, that spinach-eating guy who got all muscular after eating a can of spinach. Popeye and Olive is a very iconic pair in the animation world and another great idea for a Halloween party. It also looks out of the ordinary and makes the couple stand out.  

Pilot and Flight Attendant –

This is a reallife pair that is responsible for a lot of lives on board. And as a pair, they’d look really attractive, won’t they? This looks attractive as a Halloween costume too. Make sure that you look the best and save some lives on board. 

Captain America and Black Widow –

This could be a treat for all the Avengers fanatics. These two Avengers are extremely popular and would make a great pair together. The costumes are also fairly easy to make or if you choose to buy them, they’re easily available in the market.  

Mario and Luigi –

Mario is one of the most famous gaming characters and also a superhero. We’ve all grown up playing Mario and those days stay with us forever. Mario and Luigi are a very popular couple when it comes to Halloween and it does justice to the whole theme. You could show off some funny antics and be seen in a crowd. 

The Skeleton –

It is one of the most common outfits for a Halloween party. But that does not take away the fact that it still looks great every time someone pulls it off. A skeleton couple costume could be a great option to rock a party. It is very easy to make and even available at theme shops. 

Batman And Batwoman –

Another iconic pair and another pair that looks amazingly classy. Dress up as these two DC characters and you’d surely make others insecure. And plus, you get to wear black and who doesn’t love black! 

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