Halloween – Not Just A Festival But An Emotion

Did you know that Americans on average spend about 5 billion dollars on Halloween annually? No, right? But that’s true, which makes it the second largest commercial holiday in America. The popularity of Halloween is increasing at an exponential rate and people look for out for the most innovative ideas to stand out in a crowd. And it’s not just about the girls who go the extra mile to dress up, it’s the boys too. 

So, what we’re going to do here is that we are going to give some great ideas to all the boys for the costumes that they could choose and make it a Halloween to remember. 

Here Are Some Of The Costumes That You Could Choose: 

Jon Snow (Game Of Thrones)

Yes, calm down all you GOT fans. But keeping everything aside, dressing up as Jon Snow is a great idea. The popularity of GOT is touching the sky right now and you could prove to be the center of attraction. 

Iron Man

Whenever we talk about superheroes or The Avengers, Iron man is one of the first few names that come to our mind. The whole concept of the metal suit and all those amazing powers is amazing in itself. So yes, you could really pull off a party wearing an Iron Man suit and of course work with the charm of Robert Downey Jr 

James Bond

Who hasn’t dreamt of being in one of the James Bond tuxedos? The way he defines manhood and pulls off all those amazing stunts is just very intriguing. So yes, you could too pull off one of the tuxedos and be a secret service agent for one night. 

Captain America

Another superhero that is extremely popular and has saved America’s ass all these years. A Captain America costume could be a great idea and the shield would just add on to be an amazing accessory and make you stand out. 


Probably the most loved villain ever. The whole idea of painting your face and wearing that blue suit sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it looks great too. And the amount of effort and time in doing that also will never go to waste. So, go ahead and be the face of anarchy and terrify everyone. 

Mario –

Super Mario is a game that most of us have played and enjoyed to the fullest. A Mario costume is something that catches the eyes in a flash. They are very noticeable and to add on to it, you could pull off some funny antics too. And of course, the big mustache. 

Ninja –

There’s no doubt to the fact that despite being very common, ninja costumes are still one of the coolest costumes to wear on Halloween night. It is very easy to make and the ninja sword in hand makes a very nice statement. 

Zombies –

They’re probably one of the evilest creatures. A zombie costume could really make a lot of heads turn with the whole blood effect on the clothes and face. It is also fairly easy to make with your regular everyday clothes.

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Halloween Costume Ideas For Boys
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