Be The Best Dressed Guy This Halloween.

The creepiest night of the year is only a few weeks away. Being a college student during Halloween is certainly the best time of your life. Attending parties, eating candies and the best thing of it all, playing pranks on almost everyone. But, as fun as Halloween is, it’s always a task to choose your attire for the night. And even though there are hundreds of articles on different costume ideas for girls, guys get a little back-benched; but not anymore. Here are some of the most trending and easy costumes, men can pull off this Halloween.

The lot of us also go through a lot of problems choosing a costume. This is quite hard as every costume is taken. Everybody wants to look different. Even though there are so many different costume ideas floating around, guys still have a problem picking one. You guys don’t have to worry so much. With all the studies and pending work upon your head, we’re here to sort some things out for you. We’ve looked hard into this matter, tested some costumes, received feedback and have finally made a list of Halloween costume ideas for college guys. So sit back, chug on your soda and scroll through to find out the best costume for you.¬†

The best Halloween costume ideas for college guys are given below.

The Chick Magnet

This costume is pretty different. You might have to put a bit of work into this piece of art. As the name suggests, you might have to add some chicks to your magnets. Not the real ones, but some rubber inflated duckies! You can wear around a cardboard magnet which should be painted well. Over that, you should attach a handful amount of cute yellow rubber duckies, your chicks. This would certainly put on a great show. Who knows, you could attract some real ones? And funny at the same time.

The Cop

The person who almost scares all the college students is cops. It would be really funny barging into a nice party with your costume all ready to fire. This would totally a great party bummer and might also amuse a lot of people out there. Have a great time arresting some bad people out there!

The Marvel Fanboys

Well, we’re still not over losing iron man from the MCU. Times are hard. Our heroes have inspired us from decades. We’ve watched every single movie through thick and thin and have still achieved good grades in our subjects (hopefully xD). As we know, this is the most popular fan base and therefore, here are some costumes that might suit you guys the best.

  • Iron man
  • Captain America
  • Spiderman
  • Doctor Strange
  • Hawkeye
  • Loki
  • Thor
  • StarLord
  • Groot

The Joker

The DC fans give me a cheer! Although, not many of the DC characters are into the limelight these days but we have to bow down to the Joker. Batman’s greatest enemy has made quite a name for him over the years. The Late Heath Ledger played the role of Joker in The Dark Knight had surely kept all of us on the very edge of our seats. Why so serious?

Forrest Gump

Run Forrest Run! This might be a great costume if you’re heading into the rush over the last minute as well. Not very hard to find but might surely start a conversation with the movie fanatics¬†

Happy Halloween!

These are the finest Halloween costume ideas for college guys. These ideas are quite unique and thus you won’t have to worry about anything. Play cool and roll with your vibes. Have a great time. Happy Halloween!



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