Celebrate Halloween Rocking With Your Best Friend This Year.

Halloween comes as a great time for people to come together and have a great evening and make merry. Acquaintances, friends, and families all come together to celebrate this day. No the main concern when you go to a party is about the costume. And when you’re going with a friend, you’d want to look good together and be coordinated. 

Here, we are going to give you some ideas on the kind of combinations that you could go for when going to a Halloween party with a friend. 

The Pair Costume Ideas That You Could Go Through Are: 

  • Batman and Joker – This is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and popular Superhero-Villain pair ever. The joker is probably the most loved villain. You could dress as Batman and Joker and you would stand out anywhere, not just a Halloween party. It is a great idea. The Batman outfit is all black with the cape and the mask. The joker outfit needs some face paint along with it to be more effective. In all, it’s a great combination if you can pull it off. 
  • Betty and Veronica – The ever so popular duo from the Archies Series. Betty and Veronica are two people that anyone who’s been into Archies has read of. Their “Best friend and enemy” relationship has made them extremely popular. They are also very easy to replicate in real life where you can use your basic clothes and a little makeup to look like them. A small banter could then be prepared and you’d be the limelight of the party. 
  • Mario and Luigi – Every 90’s kid know what Mario is and most of them have been big Mario fanatics. Mario and Luigi are two brothers again extremely popular. Their dress code is very basic and can be easily copied. You could also add on some funny acts at the party just to grab some attention. And also, don’t forget the hat and the big mustache. 
  • Devil and Angel – The Good and The Bad. Well, what’s good and bad is always up for debate but an angel-demon pair can be a great one at a party. The dress code is very basic for it and you can add on some accessories to it which will make the whole look better. The main thing here is the attitude. Get the attitude right and you’ll be just fine. 
  • Archie and Jughead – The childhood best friends commonly known as “Jarchie” are someone that you could play as at a party. They’re fun, active and everyone’s favorite. Make sure you get the hair and the clothes right. It should not be much of a task as they’re very basic. Indulge in banters and display the bond of your friendship. You will surely be noticed. 
  • Emojis – Everyone has a smartphone in their hands now and they are just in love with the emojis that can be used. In fact, we all use emojis all the time. So, you can dress up as an emoji and your partner can too coordinate and dress up as a similar emoji. This will surely catch the eyes of the people around and could be a great idea. 
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Pair Costume Ideas For Friends
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